Becca's Flower Mural Pic

Becca's Flower Mural Pic

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

VIDEO & CONTEST "30 Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas"

OK, well this is more my style.  I'm so sorry that I've halted the "30 Handmade holiday gift ideas in 30 days" but I just can't wait 30 days to finish... I've got 30 projects in my head & can't wait until December 22nd (or whenever I was ever going to finish) to share them all with the world!  

SO, here is a video with "30 Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas", 
in more like 60 seconds... HA!  

AND, there is a CONTEST:

Be the first to 'like' my Facebook page at "The Princess Paint Slinger" & mention the 2 things that could be considered 'WRONG' with this video & what it promises.  :)  (hint: gift ideas that have 2 photos of them, such as a photo of one by itself & then a photo of a group of the same gift, count as 1 gift idea)

If you are the first one, YOU will win.... drum roll please....

1)  A Wine Bottle Gift Box (Sorry, actual wine is not included)
2)  A Pair of Wine Glasses (hand painted by me, designs at your request!)
& 3)  A CAYUTTE fairy/angel doll, made by Nikki (featured prominently in the beginning of the video)

It's awesome, I know, right?!?!

So, enjoy the video, have a WONDERFUL holiday season & scour over this video, get sick of the song, figure out what 2 things are 'wrong' with it!  Tell your friends.  Make it viral!  In a good way.  :)

You can also view this on my youtube channel entitled "princesspartiesva"

Slinger out!  At least for the night... zzzz

The Princess Paint Slinger
(a.k.a. Becca Russell)
on Facebook at "The Princess Paint Slinger"

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