Becca's Flower Mural Pic

Becca's Flower Mural Pic

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Handmade Princess Birthday Party Favors & Gifts!

The Princess Paint Slinger proudly creates art & favors & gifts & paintings for Princess Parties Virginia!

Here are some photos of one of the things she provides for little princess birthday parties:

These little princess-made scrap/memory/photo books are made with lots of love for your little princess.  They have been on sabbatical for a few years, due to the amount of time it takes for us to meticulously make them.  But, they are back to share with the kingdom, due to a surge of new orders for them. 

These are handmade, covered with decorative paper, approximately 3"x4", but can be made in virtually any size you request.  They have ribbons bound inside the cover & inside pages to tie the book closed, keeping those little princess secrets private!

ONLY $20.. Personalized for your princess.  Many different themes available.  Enjoy!

Order at

And, call the castle anytime with questions.  703.973.4422

Saturday, July 16, 2011

MY First Post! Decorating the LOW Church stage for VBS

I am very excited about my latest projects...  Two weeks ago, I painted a plethora of cardboard murals for the Beach themed bible school at the church here at the lake.  I had the pleasure of working with Mr. John Lentine (, who is an extraordinary talent (& kindred spirit of mine), an art teacher/musician/magician.  Yes, you saw that right!  And, we worked with other  volunteers at the church.

Together, we created the themed areas below.  Sunday will be the beach bash show at the church.  I love to give to the community, whether it be princess parties or painting services......  Enjoy!

Welcome to the Princess Paint Slinger Blog!

This is my very first blog post!  I am very excited to be starting a gallery & an art journal for all to see.....  Some of the future posts will be rantings of a crazy obsessed painter.  Most will be the continuing stream of new products I create, (any many hundreds I already have to offer), including murals, paintings, wine glasses, glassware & my own little creations, favor paintings.  You can check them all out at: .  Well, some of them & I will be adding more and more photos until one day they are all there.  The site now only shows a fraction of the work I've done in the past 9 years. 

The Princess Paint Slinger came about when I realized that I had so many art pieces in my world of art, that I felt the needed to share & sell the joy!  Also, I have started selling more of all of my painting products, mostly the favor paintings & painted wine glasses...  I also own a princess party entertainment business, so am immersed in a world of youthful dreamy enchantment, most of the time.  Which totally fits. :)  Princess Parties VA provides invitations, princess shows, favors (favor paintings), decor, party planning help & princess party service business consultation.  The princess who dresses up for a living, bringing light into little princesses' eyes, also paints like a crazy, mad, obsessed painter.   Hence the name Princess Paint Slinger  was born. 

One goal for this blog it to post 365 paintings in 365 days.  I think it will be fun.  I'm sure I've done that many if I add up all the pieces together.  I might even have enough for 2 years, every day...  I am just waiting until the day I feel that I am organized enough to actually blog every day consistently.

Another goal for the blog in the future is to create a group of people who are interested in painting & learning easy ways to paint very detailed & complicated looking masterpieces.  I will be sharing techniques that I have learned along the way.  And, most of the techniques I have learned so far have been from thorough & fanatical study of Donna Dewberry & Traci Bautista.  These are two artists who have sparked & spurred my painting inspiration, curiosity & creativity for years...  All of what I do and have done is created partially with their fabulous instructional influences... They are my mentors & I love them.

This is very long, so I will end by saying THANK YOU for reading the blog & sign up to follow me if you are interested for many more rantings in the future!

Have an Artful & Creative & Joyful day!