Becca's Flower Mural Pic

Becca's Flower Mural Pic

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Welcome to the Princess Paint Slinger Blog!

This is my very first blog post!  I am very excited to be starting a gallery & an art journal for all to see.....  Some of the future posts will be rantings of a crazy obsessed painter.  Most will be the continuing stream of new products I create, (any many hundreds I already have to offer), including murals, paintings, wine glasses, glassware & my own little creations, favor paintings.  You can check them all out at: .  Well, some of them & I will be adding more and more photos until one day they are all there.  The site now only shows a fraction of the work I've done in the past 9 years. 

The Princess Paint Slinger came about when I realized that I had so many art pieces in my world of art, that I felt the needed to share & sell the joy!  Also, I have started selling more of all of my painting products, mostly the favor paintings & painted wine glasses...  I also own a princess party entertainment business, so am immersed in a world of youthful dreamy enchantment, most of the time.  Which totally fits. :)  Princess Parties VA provides invitations, princess shows, favors (favor paintings), decor, party planning help & princess party service business consultation.  The princess who dresses up for a living, bringing light into little princesses' eyes, also paints like a crazy, mad, obsessed painter.   Hence the name Princess Paint Slinger  was born. 

One goal for this blog it to post 365 paintings in 365 days.  I think it will be fun.  I'm sure I've done that many if I add up all the pieces together.  I might even have enough for 2 years, every day...  I am just waiting until the day I feel that I am organized enough to actually blog every day consistently.

Another goal for the blog in the future is to create a group of people who are interested in painting & learning easy ways to paint very detailed & complicated looking masterpieces.  I will be sharing techniques that I have learned along the way.  And, most of the techniques I have learned so far have been from thorough & fanatical study of Donna Dewberry & Traci Bautista.  These are two artists who have sparked & spurred my painting inspiration, curiosity & creativity for years...  All of what I do and have done is created partially with their fabulous instructional influences... They are my mentors & I love them.

This is very long, so I will end by saying THANK YOU for reading the blog & sign up to follow me if you are interested for many more rantings in the future!

Have an Artful & Creative & Joyful day!

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